Art Heritage

Art Heritage is a furniture design and production company that produces handmade replica of classic masterpieces originated in the old eras through the 14th up to the 19th century. In addition, we produce unique masterpiece designs that were drawn but never manufactured by designers due to details complexity. As an example, designs in the famous Thomas Chippendale book ‘‘The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director’’. Furthermore, we produce pieces and sets of our own design, on which we have acquired international recognition; for example, our Art Nouveau style Door, designed by Eng. Mohamed Sherif, Art Heritage C.E.O. and key designer, has won the Certificate of Excellence and the A’Design Award at Milan, Italy.

Company Profile

Art Generations

The combination of the premium raw materials used along with the highest quality manufactured materials result in a product of the most exclusive aspects. All natural woods, bronze, precious stones along with natural marble are united to form our exclusive products. The rarity of handmade furniture, uniqueness of design and timeless classic value make every piece produced by Art Heritage exceed beyond competition in terms of value for money. Each artist generates precious added value to his art work derived from every sensation, emotion, effort and interaction with his creation, ending up with a valuable unique icon, so much far from the conventional technological and modern techniques. Art Heritage surpasses the common meaning of the word “Furniture” into a much more sensational concept. Every piece narrates its beauty to spin its captivating web on the beholder.  We proudly and confidently present our work as the antiques of tomorrow.